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Tesla Model 3 Boot Space Dimensions & Luggage Capacity

The Tesla Model 3 is an electric vehicle with a roomy interior, boasting an impressive amount of boot space for storage. Its cavernous trunk can fit a good amount of luggage and features a low, flat load floor that makes it easy to access and load items. Its rear seats also fold down for added versatility in carrying larger items.

  • Capacity Up To Parcel Shelve: 258 Litre - 447 Litre
  • Capacity Up To Car Roof: 490 Litre - 850 Litre

Tesla Model 3 Boot Dimensions in cm


A - Minimum Width 94.5 cm
B - Max Height 51.3 cm
C - Length: rear seats folded
184.5 cm
D - Length: rear seats upright
106.5 cm

Tesla Model 3 Luggage Capacity

Calculate exactly how much luggage you can load into a Tesla Model 3. Here's a quick video showing how it works

How Many Bags Fit In a Tesla Model 3?

For calculating how many standard sizes bags (Suitcases, Cabin Bags & Travel Bags) you can fit

How Much Luggage Fits In a Tesla Model 3?

For calculating non-standard luggage pieces such as pushchairs, bikes, sports equipment, a pet or an odd-shaped item.

Tesla Model 3 Boot Capacity

Luggage usable boot capacity for the Tesla - Model 3 2019 hatchback.

  • Capacity Up To Parcel Shelve
  • Rear Seats Up: 258 Litre
  • Rear Seats Down: 447 Litre
  • Capacity Up To Car Roof
  • Rear Seats Up: 490 Litre
  • Rear Seats Down: 850 Litre

Boot Space Insights

The Tesla Model 3 is an electric car that is known for its impressive performance, technology features, and spacious interior.

Here are some additional details about the car:

  • The Model 3 is available in several different trim levels, including Standard Range Plus, Long Range, and Performance, each with varying performance and range capabilities.
  • When the car is fully loaded with passengers and luggage, the weight distribution can shift, which can affect its handling and acceleration. However, the Model 3 has a low center of gravity due to the placement of its battery pack, which helps to improve its stability and handling even when fully loaded.
  • The Model 3 features advanced technology features such as a large touchscreen display, Autopilot driver assistance system, and over-the-air software updates.
  • In terms of range, the Model 3 can travel up to an estimated 263-358 miles on a single charge, depending on the specific model and driving conditions.
  • The Model 3 has received generally positive reviews for its driving dynamics, with critics praising its quick acceleration, sharp handling, and smooth ride quality.

Overall, the Tesla Model 3 is a versatile and capable car that can handle a range of driving conditions and passenger/cargo loads. Its electric powertrain and advanced technology features make it a popular choice among drivers who prioritize performance, efficiency, and sustainability.

How many suitcases fit in Tesla Model 3?

The Tesla Model 3 has a trunk space of approximately 15 cubic feet (425 liters), which can accommodate around three to four medium-sized suitcases. However, the actual number of suitcases that can fit in the car may vary depending on the size and shape of the suitcases, as well as the other items that are already occupying space in the trunk.

Additionally, the Model 3 also has a front trunk, or “frunk”, which provides an additional storage space of approximately 2.7 cubic feet (77 liters). This can be useful for storing smaller items, such as a carry-on bag or a backpack.

It’s worth noting that the Model 3 has a spacious interior and can comfortably seat up to five passengers, so there may be additional space available in the cabin for storing luggage if needed.