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Take The Guess Work Out Of Your Next Car Hire Or Purchase With Our Instant Boot Space Calculator

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How The Calculator works

car boot space calculator

How to use the calculator

  1. Select a vehicle
  2. The maximumm capacity will be set based on a combination of luggage items with sizes that are based on market averages.
  3. Simply move the range bars up or down to match your luggage combination
  4. For the highest accuracy you can even adjust the size of the bags to suit your exact needs.

Take The Guess Work Out Of Your Next Hire Or Purchase With Our Space In The Boot Calculator.

Mission & Vision

To serve thousands of people around the world who go online every month to try and work out just how much boot space a specific car has.

Who Is This For

  • - Holiday Makers: You maybe planning your next holiday and need to make sure the car you are planning to hire has ample sapce for your bags.
  • - Car Buyer: You may be planning to purchase a new vehicle and trying to imagine how much space a car boot has based on cubic litres drives you up the wall.
  • - Care Sales/Hire Agent: You maybe a car sales or hire company looking to help out a customer who needs to enough space to fit wheelchair, pram or pet

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