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Our Story

Chrystal & Simon

Quick Summary

Hi, I’m Simon, the proud father of Chrystal, the brilliant mind behind our website.

Together, we have nurtured and developed the site over the last 6 years, and it has grown into what it is today. We serve hundreds of thousands of users each month from 100+ countries.

Join us on this exciting journey as we strive to make luggage space decisions easier and empower travellers worldwide.

Please scroll down to discover how it all started.

As a software developer and online entrepreneur, I saw the potential in Chrystal’s summer school project and decided to support her passion for solving a common problem.


The Back Story: From a School Project to a Growing Resource

My Vision

Hello, I’m Chrystal, and when I was just 11 years old, I embarked on my first-ever website project ‘How Many Bags Fit?’ For a school project, I was asked to build a website to solve a common problem. After hours of brainstorming my dad suggested I built it around something that I personally found annoying. My mind quickly went to our family’s love for holidays, but the constant struggle of fitting all our bags into the rental car on arrival at ur destination.

This always seemed to dampened the excitement as we made our way to the hotel, often having to carry suitcases on our laps. For a family of 5(Mum, dad and my 2 sisters) you can imagine just how much stuff we carried along with us (ha ha) . I figured this would be a problem worth solving. But how?

Image Caption: Screenshot of the website I built as a summer holiday project

early website screenshot
first website boots

Early Years: A Journey of Learning

Capturing Memories and Informing Decisions

During the early years of the project, I meticulously documented (with photos and dimensions) the boot (trunk) of any cars belonging to family and friend that visited our home plus every car we encountered on our family vacations.

With my Dad’s encouragement, I used this information to create the website and also to inform our family’s decision-making process when it came to hiring cars.

Little did we know that this simple act of measurement would lay the foundation for our growing website.

Image Caption: Screenshot of one of the 23 cars I had on the website.

Expansion and Enhancements

Responding to the Growing Demand

In 2019, as our site gained traction and attracted more visitors, Dad stepped in to expand the available data. We recognised the need to provide more options for our users, beyond the initial 23 cars I had documented. He also came up with a clever idea to build a calculator (something beyond my technical ability lol). This allowed us to better serve our growing community and provide valuable insights for their storage needs.

In 2022, the site visitors grew month upon month, we took a significant step forward and introduced Version 2 of our calculator, enhancing its usability and overall experience. We were determined to make the website more intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring that anyone could easily compare and assess the boot space of different vehicles.

I am proud that we are still doing that today.

Image Caption: Screenshot of the v2 of our boot space calculator

Boots & Cargo Space Calculator
3d boot analysis gif

Our Present and Future

Helping Thousands and Aspiring to Help Even More

Today, our website surpasses 100,000 page views and reaches visitors from over 100 countries each month. We are humbled by the trust and support of our users, who rely on our data to make informed decisions about their storage needs.

Our mission is simple yet impactful: to provide a reliable and accessible tool for comparing boot spaces and helping individuals and families choose the perfect vehicle for their adventures.

Looking ahead, we aim to expand our database even further, including a broader range of vehicles and constantly updating information.

We will continue to refine our tools and ensure that every visitor finds value and confidence in their vehicle selection process. We are looking at AI, 3D tools and more.

Thank you for being part of our story.

Join us on this exciting journey as we strive to make luggage space decisions easier and empower travellers worldwide. Together, we can unlock the potential of informed decision-making and ensure that you never have to leave a bag behind again 🙂 .

How you can support the site

Here are a number of ways you can support the site:

  1. By becoming a lifetime member of the site
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By contributing in whatever way you can, you will help improve its development & maintenance for years to come.

Source Of Our Information

The information on this website is curated from various sources across the internet, from vehicle manufacture websites, car enthusiasts’ websites and other online vehicle resources.

Our website is constantly updated as newer vehicle models come onto the market.