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Skoda Scala Boot Space Dimensions & Luggage Capacity

Skoda Scala 2019 hatchback overview We all know that space is essential. And if you need a car with lots […]

  • Capacity Up To Parcel Shelve: 343 Litre - 651 Litre
  • Capacity Up To Car Roof: 652 Litre - 1237 Litre

Skoda Scala Boot Dimensions in cm


A - Minimum Width 99.3 cm
B - Max Height 78.5 cm
C - Length: rear seats folded
167 cm
D - Length: rear seats upright
88 cm

Skoda Scala Luggage Capacity

Calculate exactly how much luggage you can load into a Skoda Scala. Here's a quick video showing how it works

How Many Bags Fit In a Skoda Scala?

For calculating how many standard sizes bags (Suitcases, Cabin Bags & Travel Bags) you can fit

How Much Luggage Fits In a Skoda Scala?

For calculating non-standard luggage pieces such as pushchairs, bikes, sports equipment, a pet or an odd-shaped item.

Skoda Scala Boot Capacity

Luggage usable boot capacity for the Skoda - Scala 2019 hatchback.

  • Capacity Up To Parcel Shelve
  • Rear Seats Up: 343 Litre
  • Rear Seats Down: 651 Litre
  • Capacity Up To Car Roof
  • Rear Seats Up: 652 Litre
  • Rear Seats Down: 1237 Litre

Boot Space Insights

Skoda Scala 2019 hatchback overview

We all know that space is essential. And if you need a car with lots of it, then this one should be at the top of your list! The Scala has an impressive 900mm-wide and 880 mm long boot, making loading your shopping or taking luggage on vacation easy as pie. 

The Scala is a full-sized, four-door hatchback with the bonus of being able to seat five people in comfort. The exterior design features wide tires and an extended roof that give it more space than other cars on average offer while still maintaining its slim proportions which make driving through traffic easier at night or when there are obstacles such as pedestrians around.”

In addition, with a ground clearance between 145mm and 165mm(depending on the model), the vehicle offers more room for driving on inclined surfaces as well as manoeuvring through narrow parking spaces. With its wide track and ample ground clearance, the Scala is ready for anything that life may throw at it. 

With a turning circle of just 11 meters (36 ft), you’ll be able to smoothly connect your turns without worrying about cutting off any pedestrians!

But don’t just take my word for how spacious these cars are; check out some reviews from other buyers who agree: The general consensus among Scala owners is that it’s an excellent hatchback with plenty of space. 

What do owners say about it?

One owner said, “I love my Scala! It’s so spacious and has plenty of room for my family of four. We went on a road trip, and it was so comfortable. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.” Piotr Jędrzejczak

Piotr Jędrzejczak (source)

“The trunk easily fits two large suitcases.”

“I’ve got my Scala for five months and made 8 000 km 😎 Great car! I love it! Go ahead! It has plenty of space. 🤩”

Does It Have A False Floor?

There are plenty of reasons to choose the Scala over other cars on your list. It has a false floor for storage or keeping luggage out of sight, but you can also fold down seats in this car with ease and comfort, knowing that they won’t damage your pet dog’s favourite blanket!

How is it for Strollers, Push Chairs & Camping Equipment?

With its huge boot, the Scala is perfect for travelling with family. It has sufficient storage space needed to store suitcases of various sizes, camping or skiing gear, and your child’s pushchair/stroller to use when exploring new places!

Accessing the Boot

With the Scala’s boot floor being flat, you can easily pack more oversized items. It has a false wall that provides storage for various purposes and includes an easy-to-access luggage cover to keep your belongings safe when not in use or on the go!

How does the boot space compare against others in its class?

Among hatchbacks in this class, the Scala’s total car length is 4.36 meters, which is substantially longer than most of its competitors. Almost 1/3rd of that space is dedicated to the boot overall. It is wider and higher than most of its competitors. 

Is the Skoda Scala a 7 Seater?

Whilst not a seven-seater, the Scala is still big on space. It has a luggage capacity of up to 1450 litres, which is one the biggest in its class. You can easily fit four average-sized suitcases into your trunk, and it’s also got an impressive 1200kg tow weight!

What Are Other Trims Available?

The Scala comes in three different trims: the SE, L and Scout. Each trim has its own unique features that make it the perfect choice for a variety of needs. The SE is the perfect choice for those who want a reliable and efficient vehicle that can handle all kinds of terrain. The L is perfect for those who want a vehicle with more power and space to take on larger projects. The Scout is perfect for those who need a vehicle that can go off-road and handle any terrain. No matter what your needs are, there is a Scala model that is perfect for you.

What do its competitors offer?

The Skoda Scala offers a lot of space and competes well against its rivals in the market. The Scala offers 381L of luggage room, versus 316L for Ford and Audi models that are also competitors to this Polish made vehicle! It’s not just about how much interior volume there is either; some people want their cars equipped with all sorts of amenities while others only care about price tags (we know which group we belong to).

How Does it Compare On Price?

In terms of price, you will be getting more than what other cars offer for less money with this vehicle—starting much lower while others cost up to 40% more or even 50%.

How does the safety rating compare?

When it comes to safety, the Scala has a five-star ANCAP safety rating, while the VW Golf has a four-star ANCAP safety rating, and the Ford Focus has a five-star ANCAP safety rating. Skoda Scala is a safe hatchback that boasts plenty of space.

To Conclude

The Skoda Scala 2019 hatchback is an excellent option for anyone looking for a spacious to pack your luggage, pet dogs, prams, and boxes at an affordable price for a hatchback. It offers plenty of boot space, a variety of models to choose from, and a competitive price.