Jaguar XE E-Performance Pure Boot Capacity

Luggage usable boot capacity for the Jaguar - XE E-Performance Pure 2015 saloon.

Boot space up to the car roof
  • - 406 litres with rear seats upright
  • - 701 litres with rear seats down

(note, this is most likely going to be slightly different from the official maximum litres for the car) Why?

Jaguar XE E-Performance Pure Luggage Capacity

Calculate how many pieces of luggage you can fit into the XE E-Performance Pure boot space.

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* Image for illustrative purposes only

Jaguar XE E-Performance Pure Boot Dimensions in cm

A - Boot min-width

81 cm

B - Boot height

52.9 cm

C - With rear seats folded

171.6 cm

D - With rear seats upright

99.4 cm