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HR-V 1.5 Photo

Honda HR-V 1.5 Boot Space Dimensions & Luggage Capacity

How Much Stuff Can the Honda HR-V 1.5 Fit? You know what they say, “The more the merrier!” And when […]

  • Capacity Up To Parcel Shelve: 351 Litre - 701 Litre
  • Capacity Up To Car Roof: 668 Litre - 1331 Litre

Honda HR-V 1.5 Boot Dimensions in cm


A - Minimum Width 101 cm
B - Max Height 85.9 cm
C - Length: rear seats folded
161.5 cm
D - Length: rear seats upright
81 cm

Honda HR-V 1.5 Luggage Capacity

Calculate exactly how much luggage you can load into a Honda HR-V 1.5. Here's a quick video showing how it works

How Many Bags Fit In a Honda HR-V 1.5?

For calculating how many standard sizes bags (Suitcases, Cabin Bags & Travel Bags) you can fit

How Much Luggage Fits In a Honda HR-V 1.5?

For calculating non-standard luggage pieces such as pushchairs, bikes, sports equipment, a pet or an odd-shaped item.

Honda HR-V 1.5 Boot Capacity

Luggage usable boot capacity for the Honda - HR-V 1.5 2020 saloon.

  • Capacity Up To Parcel Shelve
  • Rear Seats Up: 351 Litre
  • Rear Seats Down: 701 Litre
  • Capacity Up To Car Roof
  • Rear Seats Up: 668 Litre
  • Rear Seats Down: 1331 Litre

Boot Space Insights

How Much Stuff Can the Honda HR-V 1.5 Fit?

You know what they say, “The more the merrier!” And when it comes to the Honda HR-V 1.5, that couldn’t be more true… especially when it comes to storage space. This car was built for carrying things… and lots of them! So, how much stuff can the Honda HR-V 1.5 hold? Let’s find out!

The Honda HR-V 1.5 is one spacious vehicle! It’s got a whopping Boot Space with the seats up and even larger with the seats down. But that’s not all! The HR-V also has a secret storage space under the front seats, perfect for hiding smaller items.

And if you’ve got larger items to transport, no problem! The Honda HR-V 1.5 can tow up to 750kg so you can bring along pretty much anything you need. Now that’s what we call versatility!

One of the most spacious SUVs in its class, the HR-V has a roomy cabin and a large cargo area. If you’re looking for an efficient and versatile SUV, the Honda HR-V should definitely be on your list. Thanks to its spacious interior and large cargo area, it’s capable of hauling plenty of gear – making it perfect for weekend getaways or longer road trips.

Size & Length

At just under 4.3 metres long, it’s a relatively compact SUV. However, it still offers a generous amount of space for luggage and other items. It has a luggage capacity of 351 Litre with the rear seats up and 701 Litre with the rear seats down. The load floor is flat, and there are no transmission humps to get in the way, so loading and unloading cargo is easy. There are also several handy storage spots throughout the vehicle, such as the centre console bin, door pockets, and under-seat storage. As a result, the HR-V is a great option for those who need a vehicle with plenty of cargo space.

How to maximise on the boot space

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to maximise the boot space. One option is to use the split-level floor: simply lower the rear seats to create a flat surface. This is ideal for carrying larger items or for use as a makeshift table or desk. Another option is to take advantage of the roof rails: you can use them to carry bikes, kayaks, or even a roof box. And if you still need more space, you can always fold down the passenger seat to create a veritable cavern of storage.

Other Notable Features

Adaptive Cruise Control 

The HR-V has an adaptive cruise control system. This will help you to keep a safe distance between you and the car in front, as well as keep your speed at constant. This will allow you to focus on the road ahead and enjoy your journey 

Front seats 

The front seats of the Honda HR-V 1.5 are comfortable and spacious, making them ideal for long journeys. You may want to consider packing a blanket and pillows so that you can take advantage of this space and stay comfortable during your trip 

Keyless entry 

There is no need to worry about keys with the Honda HR-V 1.5, as it comes with keyless entry. This means that you can let yourself in and out of the car without having to fumble around for keys. This feature will also come in handy if you need to stop for gas or rest breaks along the way.

The best way to pack your luggage for a road trip

For the best possible luggage combinations, use the following as a guide. The luggage area can accommodate two large suitcases side-by-side when the 60/40 rear seat backs are lowered. When stacked one on top of the other, a total of four large suitcases can fit. If you’re travelling with more luggage than that, consider renting a trailer to tow behind the vehicle. For smaller items, take advantage of the under-floor storage area. This is a great place to stow items that you might need while on the road, such as a first-aid kit or map. By following these luggage packing tips, you’ll be able to make the most of the storage space and enjoy a hassle-free road trip.

How to fold down the seats for more storage space

Folding down the seats can give you extra storage space when you need it. First, push the seat back forward until it locks into place. Then, pull the lever on the side of the seat to release it from the upright position. Once the seat back is lowered, you can fold the seat cushion. Simply pull up on the front of the cushion and then push it down until it locks into place. Finally, repeat these steps for the other seat and you’ll have extra space.

If you are the proud owner looking to rent one, we hope this article has helped you understand the dimensions and capacity of your vehicle’s boot.

So there you have it! The Honda HR-V 1.5 is one spacious car that can haul just about anything you need it to. Whether you’re moving house or just going on a long road trip, this car has got you covered. So load up those seats and hit the open road!