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Fiesta ST 1.5 Photo

Ford Fiesta ST 1.5 Boot Space Dimensions & Luggage Capacity

The Ford Fiesta is one of the small end cars that delivers on all aspects of being very comfortable and […]

  • Capacity Up To Parcel Shelve: 225 Litre - 491 Litre
  • Capacity Up To Car Roof: 428 Litre - 932 Litre

Ford Fiesta ST 1.5 Boot Dimensions in cm


A - Minimum Width 97.6 cm
B - Max Height 79.5 cm
C - Length: rear seats folded
126.5 cm
D - Length: rear seats upright
58 cm

Ford Fiesta ST 1.5 Luggage Capacity

Calculate exactly how much luggage you can load into a Ford Fiesta ST 1.5. Here's a quick video showing how it works

How Many Bags Fit In a Ford Fiesta ST 1.5?

For calculating how many standard sizes bags (Suitcases, Cabin Bags & Travel Bags) you can fit

How Much Luggage Fits In a Ford Fiesta ST 1.5?

For calculating non-standard luggage pieces such as pushchairs, bikes, sports equipment, a pet or an odd-shaped item.

Ford Fiesta ST 1.5 Boot Capacity

Luggage usable boot capacity for the Ford - Fiesta ST 1.5 2020 hatchback.

  • Capacity Up To Parcel Shelve
  • Rear Seats Up: 225 Litre
  • Rear Seats Down: 491 Litre
  • Capacity Up To Car Roof
  • Rear Seats Up: 428 Litre
  • Rear Seats Down: 932 Litre

Boot Space Insights

The Ford Fiesta is one of the small end cars that delivers on all aspects of being very comfortable and economical. It is a very well built vehicle that gives its’ competitors a tough time. This is due to the fact that the Ford Fiesta is loaded with most of the latest technology.

The Ford Focus is a stylish car with all the correct details making this one of the best hatchbacks on the market with the best exterior and interior looks. The car designers made sure that this model was made longer so as to increase the space for the rear passengers.

With the small boost to the rear, the Ford Fiesta becomes more practical. Previous models have been smaller with very limited interior space. The latest model improved as the interior space is tighter as the door panels were made smaller. This allows the car to be more spacious and comfortable for all passengers.

Another improvement on the interior space was to allow the doors to open up wider for easier access by rear-seat passengers.

Quick Travel Tip: When packing for a trip, remember that the material matters. Hardshell suitcases are not as flexible as leather or nylon material suitcases. Besides being flexible, they also lighten the load whether in the car or when you are making your way around the airport.

When packing the boot of your Ford Fiesta, utilise all the space you are given. Although the rear tailgate was increased to make loading the boot easier, to Ford Fiesta boot space is still quite small. You can fit quite a few suitcases and a few smaller bags depending on how you pack your boot. Folding the rear seats will allow you to increase the boot space significantly.

This car is cheap to run the vehicle and easy to maintain. This makes the Ford Fiesta one of the top economical hatchbacks on the market. With a few improvements to the interior, the space is quite free and airy. It is quite comfortable considering that it is a small hatchback with not much boot space at all.