How many bags fit inside a Mazda 6 Boot Space

Boot Capacity

Luggage usable boot capacity for the Mazda - 2014 Mazda6 Sedan 2014 estate.

Boot space up to parcel shelve
  • - 708 litres with rear seats upright
  • - 1,167 litres with rear seats down
Boot space up to the car roof
  • - 1,346 litres with rear seats upright
  • - 2,218 litres with rear seats down

(Note! The litres above are likely going to be different from the official maximum litres for the car. The reason being we are only calculating the luggage usable boot space)

Mazda 2014 Mazda6 Sedan Luggage Capacity

Calculate how many pieces of luggage you can fit into the 2014 Mazda6 Sedan boot space.

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2014 Mazda6 Sedan Boot Dimensions

All measurements in cm

A - Boot min-width

124 cm

B - Boot height

96 cm

C - With rear seats folded

196.1 cm

D - With rear seats upright

119 cm
* Image for illustrative purposes only

Mazda 6 Boot Space Review

The Mazda 6 station wagon is a comfortable & spacious family car. It has plenty of compartments & pockets that allow the whole family to have their own pocket for their water bottles & snacks when travelling. It has a 500-litre boot space making it very easy to manage any luggage. With smart features such as the rear seats that drop down by pulling a pair of handles, you will be able to create so much room. This gives you nearly double the boot space which will enable you to carry much longer items on a totally flat-boot floor.

Those looking for a really versatile family car to tackle continental holidays are likely to choose the Mazda 6. It has an excellent towing ability for those who need extra trailer space. The Mazda 6 is limited to hauling a 1,300 kg trailer.

Quick Travel Tip: When you are loading your luggage into your boot, try & fit in the larger suitcases at the bottom. You will have more space for smaller bags on top.

Packing your bags lying flat allows you to pack all the way to the roof of the car. Stacking suitcases on top of each other is best when you have both large suitcases and small suitcases. This type of packing leaves you with room at the back to throw in backpacks, kids play kits or even a cooler box. There will be many gaps created to stuff in umbrellas, food boxes, medical aid kits & camping accessories.

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