How many bags fit inside a Honda Civic Hatchback Boot Space

Boot Capacity

Luggage usable boot capacity for the - .

Boot space up to parcel shelve
  • - 0 litres with rear seats upright
  • - 0 litres with rear seats down
Boot space up to the car roof
  • - 0 litres with rear seats upright
  • - 0 litres with rear seats down

(Note! The litres above are likely going to be different from the official maximum litres for the car. The reason being we are only calculating the luggage usable boot space)

Luggage Capacity

Calculate how many pieces of luggage you can fit into the boot space.

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Boot Dimensions

All measurements in cm

A - Boot min-width

0 cm

B - Boot height

0 cm

C - With rear seats folded

0 cm

D - With rear seats upright

0 cm
* Image for illustrative purposes only

Overall Specs. (at a glance)

Bags That Fit

2 Lrg / 3 Sml

Official Boot Capacity


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Honda Civic boot space Review

The Honda Civic Hatchback is a slim sporty hatchback widely owned by small families who enjoy the drive over short family holidays. Accompanied with a 478 litre boot, the Honda Civic Hatchback is perfect for a young couple.

The Honda Civic Hatchback is great and rated as quite practical. Besides the practicality, this car is a nightmare for any tall passengers. The headroom was minimized due to the rear being slanted to give the car more tyre traction. This feature cut down much of the boot space as well.

The Honda Civic Hatchback may seem small will a boot space capacity of 420 litres. This will allow you to pack a few large suitcases in the boot with ease. You can also throw in a few smaller suitcases and back packs. After all the bags are in, you will have space to place some of your sandals or snack for the trip in the side compartments. This car has many compartments all over the interior.

You can expand the Civic’s carrying capacity to 1,580 litres. That is only if you decide to lower the rear seats forward. Although the space isn’t perfectly square due to the rear wheel arch intrusions, the small space presented is not an issue at all once the seats are laid down. The Honda Civic Hatchback is accompanied by a power socket for any passengers wanting to charge lamps or power banks over the trip.

Quick Travel Tip: Get started with your trip the night before as this will always give you time for you to think about any extra things that you need. If all the bags are in one place the night before, you can already start planning which suitcases are going in first. Every second counts when you are leaving for an amazing trip.

The Honda Civic boot space is also increased by a sliding cover parcel shelf, which extends from and retracts into a small plastic box on the side of the boot. This a) saves space as you don’t have to accommodate a bulky parcel shelf as well as your belongings.

The empty boot space of a Honda Civic Hatchback

The Honda Civic Hatchback 1.0-litre petrol engine can tow 1,200 kg, yet the 1.5-litre engine can pull up to 1,400 kg. That’s assuming you own a manual gearbox version. If you decide to purchase the CVT automatic, those capacities drop 800 and 1,000 kg respectively. Driving a manual version, you should be able to tow a small to medium sized trailer which is quite reasonable for a small vehicle.

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