How many bags fit inside an Audi A4 saloon Boot Space

Boot Capacity

Luggage usable boot capacity for the Audi - A4 2020 estate.

Boot space up to parcel shelve
  • - 375 litres with rear seats upright
  • - 639 litres with rear seats down
Boot space up to the car roof
  • - 712 litres with rear seats upright
  • - 1,214 litres with rear seats down

(Note! The litres above are likely going to be different from the official maximum litres for the car. The reason being we are only calculating the luggage usable boot space)

Audi A4 Luggage Capacity

Calculate how many pieces of luggage you can fit into the A4 boot space.

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A4 Boot Dimensions

All measurements in cm

A - Boot min-width

99 cm

B - Boot height

72.1 cm

C - With rear seats folded

180 cm

D - With rear seats upright

105.5 cm
* Image for illustrative purposes only

Audi A4 Saloon Boot Space Review

The Audi A4’s interior space improved greatly from the previous model. But as most reviews confirm, the boot space remained the same. This specific design allows passengers in both interior rows to sit comfortably as there is lots of room.  This feature is present as the Audi A4 saloon was made longer and wider than the previous model.

The Audi A4 saloon possesses a spacious 480-litre boot which allows owners to pack their suitcases and bags perfectly. With all the passengers seated comfortably, you can feel free to stuff your boot with all your travel gear.
The Audi A4 saloon is accompanied by folding rear seats that are a standard feature. Surprisingly, you will be able to fit quite a few large suitcases in the boot.

With a stunning trim on the Audi A4 saloon body, the car is able to still shine as the boot space is impressive. Although it may look compact, the boot has extra pockets where you can throw handy things. You have compartments to keep your tools, engine oils or even snacks for the trips.

Quick Travel Tip: Always be sure to pack all your luggage in a specific order. Try out a few sizes of the suitcases that are waiting to be packed before you begin packing. This way you will get to analyse the boot space and use all the spaces that are presented.

The best way to pack your suitcases in the Audi A4 saloon boot, is to pack your suitcases standing side ways. This way you will be able to keep your bags intact and the Audi A4 does not have much height as the hatchback.

After packing all your large suitcases you will be able to pack in more satchels or laptop bags at the back. There is always enough room for all your gear. So overall, the Audi A4’s boot space is quite versatile as, with this model, the back seats can be folded to be completely flat.